Blinded by the Corporate Sun

by Noel Palmateer

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okay i'll start by saying most of this album is improvised.

it was all recorded on my phone while i was at work, sitting by myself in a gas station box for over five and a half hours getting no break this entire time.

this is an experimental / noise album, virtually no electronics. i am still working on more serious albums and projects by myself and friends.

currently i am awaiting a few more instruments to arrive, they are being shipped. anyway some tracks i used the Looper APP on my phone. it's amusing making multi-layer tracks.

i hope you like it :)

-PS i made that drawing in the same sitting


released August 25, 2016

i suppose i can thank my HTC phone, the looper app, the smart recorder app and my job for dumping me in a position i don't normally do for nearly 6 hours by myself with no break.




Noel Palmateer Blaine, Minnesota

Hi my name is Noel Palmateer, i used to live in Blaine Minnesota but i don't anymore! lol i was born 1991 in February. I love to make music, by myself or with friends. Anyways enjoy and welcome to my Band Camp! ^__^

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Track Name: You're as Blind as Me
hello, do you see?
do you really think that it's me?
i'm pretty sure that you're blind
but we're blind just like everyone else

Looped: (Butt, your hand on my)
Track Name: How Do You Feel?
i wont...
Track Name: Button Hat Boredom
up up up up up up up
i must sleep

how i love this hat
i've spent pretty damn close to two hundred
something on everything on it counting the hat
you can't have it...

i will never give it away
don't bother asking
i will hurt you if you touch it...
it's mine!
Track Name: Wall Station
ah aah aaah! ooloolooloo
yup aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ah!
Track Name: Throw Away Your Trash
oh girl you better pick up the trash
before i put you back in the hole in again
you know it's bad to litter here... yeah
Track Name: Sun Bleached Box
everyday i try to stay calm
been locked in this room for most of today
there's not much i can do

they're trying to take what's left of my life
there's not much that i could take
pride is gone, there is no hope
nothing left of me

i am just an empty shell
just waiting to escape this hell
i am just an observer, just watching
making sure everything stays under control

so what am i supposed to do when i
, just sitting here by myself
just staring at all these people

will be nothing but in an empty room
there's not much for me to do
i am sure, not entirely...
i am pretty sure, i am pretty sure
i am not entirely convinced i am sane

not anymore
how long can they keep me
alone, and they try to bring me down
with pressure in a job like this

there's nothing i can do until someone screws up
then i get to go fix it, but the time almost never comes
i am not entirely sure, how much is my word?

how do i ever to be revirse this
what am i supposed to do
there is nothing here for me

i am an empty shell
that's what this job made me
it is an endless nothing hell
nothing will come to save me

what am i supposed to do
ah ah ah
i don't know exactly, do i?
what can i do?

they sent me down
they told me to look around
do not move
just stay stationed in this tiny room

like an animal...

i'm not supposed to move
not aloud to do anything at all
this side it..
stay still
and watch them all go through

what kind of life will i have to go through?
not many chances
so i sit here instead of move
i really hate this
i miss my old job
atleast i had something to do then
atleast i had something to do then...

so look into my eyes
there's nothing left i can do
i'm just an empty shell
atleast that's what i look like to you

inside i am screaming
but outside i am dead as the dead
i do nothing, i only think of you
so much little time to do
there's nothing here, not anymore
i don't really care anymore

how could it be?
how could you see?

i do not know
i no longer care
i no longer care
i no longer care
Track Name: Lard Foot / Break Line / Lard Foot: Part 2
oooooooooooooooooooo oh oh aaaahh

i am tearing inside this idea
nothing can stop this
how am i supposed to give up and die
i'm still at the gas station

it drags on and on
dragging on and on and

i am dying
i am dying
i am dying

i'm the only one here
the only one here

and stand by

i've been sober
got the card to do
got to help someone who don't know what they're doin

ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah hey! hah! hey! hah!
Track Name: Rattle Those Chains
Track Name: Solitary
there's so many reasons
going insane would be better than staying here
in my job, staying inside this room is hopeless
yes it is

i'm stuck at the gas station
just me and always has been
for what feels like for an eternity
yes i'm god nose
don't go losing yourself

too many reasons why
i don't let many come my way
i'm not ready... oh yeah

too universal to feel much
high temperature
my face melts away
when it draws
metal i'm surrounded by

guitar picks here...
why are there guitar picks in here?
one sixty millimeter
how useless to keep at work

don't even have a guitar with me
this is stupid man
i don't know even exactly what i'm doing
i'm never looking for what i should be
to get out from, out there, outside!

but there is something to be wrong
it's not as fun as it sounds
it's not as fun as it sounds no...
where we live yeah
it's pretty boring in here
it's pretty boring in here...

there ain't no time with you baby anymore
i'm here i'm here you say you'll be there but i'm still stuck here
with just a cutting board, it cuts deep, it's kind of depressing
because there's nothing here to do, there's nothing here to do
there's nothing here to do