Giber Fendson The Bastard

by Noel Palmateer

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where do i begin with this? Giber Fendson The Bastard is a guitar. a bastard mix of a Gibson Les Paul body and a Fender Squier neck, it's strange and annoying thing but i use it the entire album.

for several reasons this was complicated due to the ill fitting parts, pulling on the neck changes the pitch and usually throws off the tuning. basically a bad equivalent of a whammy bar. the most annoying part of the guitar still is we never found a part to properly mount the pickup, just one pickup, the other slot is covered with a piece of tape.


released July 6, 2017

my friend Chris who provided most of the parts to The Bastard.

that guitar it a painful mess, but was worth the effort in the end.




Noel Palmateer Blaine, Minnesota

Hi my name is Noel Palmateer, i used to live in Blaine Minnesota but i don't anymore! lol i was born 1991 in February. I love to make music, by myself or with friends. Anyways enjoy and welcome to my Band Camp! ^__^

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Track Name: You Will Never Be One Of Us
You will never be one of us!
An abomination a mistake
This horrid monstrosity
No acceptance I will take
You were destined to lose
The moment you came out wrong
Forsaken forlorn, you don't belong
Never will you be one of us
The worst of both parts
From nothing to dust
You will be forgotten
as if you've never existed
Crushed beneath the importance
You strive to feel
Never recognized as something real
Always in the shadow of what's better than you
Now fade away, it's all you can do
You will never be one of us
a misfit a reject cancerous
More harm than good
Disappear like you should
Cease to exist
Fall in desist
Become one with nothingness
Disappointment into oblivion
Vanish from sight and thought
Stay nothing until you're gone
You will never be one of us
Track Name: Harmonic Strain
learn something new everyday, that's what you should do
learn something new everyday, that's how you improve you... Yeah